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"I carry in my utility belt of gadgets things such as Mobile Responsive Design, User Experience Design (UI / UX), SaaS-based Ecommerce products like BigCommerce, and Content Management Systems like Wordpress and Joomla."

"Not to mention, of course, the usual skills referred to by those cryptic acronyms such as CSS, HTML, JS, etc."

User Experience

User Experience Design ( UX / UI )

People who visit your site can usually fit into one of three categories - window shoppers, frustrated shoppers, or buyers. By giving attention to the 'flow' of your site, we aim to anticipate and correct things that could make your site frustrating to use. This involves also customizing elements and content to encourage visitors to take action - not just look around.

Mobile Responsive Design

Mobile Responsive Design

Smartphones and Tablets are the "windows" through which the majority of people will discover your business. Your website needs to be easily seen, understood, and navigated from whatever mobile device people vist from. Mobile Responsive design techniques ensure that your website automatically scales to fit any browser size so you don't lose customers.

Content Management Systems

Content Management Systems

When your company needs a website, you're not interested in reinventing the wheel. What you need are tried and proven systems. Wordpress and Joomla allow you to manage content, pages, blogs, subscriptions, and sell products - without the need for a programming degree.  They are to your business what a pocket knife was to MacGyver or the sonic screwdriver was to The Doctor; simple to use, yet effective.

Ecommerce Platforms

eCommerce Platforms

Selling products or subscriptions online can be done using a variety of methods. As an owner, you should be concerned that is it easy for you to use, secure, meets your needs for proper shipping and tax calculations. One common solution that you can host yourself is WooCommerce; built on top of Wordpress. However, if maintenance, software, and security is something you'd rather not worry about, then I can build your store on such hosted platforms as BigCommerce and Volusion. For a small monthly fee, these companies provide support, maintenance and proven eCommerce software that is worry-free.

Content Creation

Content Creation

In the past, I often encouraged clients to write their own content. However, I soon realized that most hate writing! By consulting with you and discerning what it is you need to communicate via your website, I can create website content or copy that will accomplish your goals AND make sure that it fits the constraints of the limited space you have on each page and the short attention spans of many visitors.

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